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  sino-us joint venturedanyang feng-wei plastic packaging co., ltd. specializes in tools for high-speed steel twist drill, drill construction, woodworking drill, drill flat wood, polished drill, hammer drill, drill saw, a screwdriver head, diamond saw blade, saw blade, and other alloys product in strict accordance with international standards of production.
  our company is strong in technology, sophisticated equipment and advanced detection instruments, as a stable and reliable quality´´
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   Twist drill series
   Hammer drill series
   Construction Diamond Series
   Other tools Series
   Woodworking drill series
   Diamond saw blade series
   Mixed set of drill boring seri
   Carbide saw blades series


danyang feng-wei plastic packaging co., ltd.
contact: chen yunyan
tel :(086)0511-86311476
fax :0511-86312476
address: danyang city of jiangsu province after zhen industrial zone
zip code212312

★corporate culture
quality priority, the user first, the credibility of the first, the pursuit of perfection
★ purpose of the enterprise:
integrity and mutual assistance, enterprise and innovation
★ management:
market-driven, customer-focused, in good faith, norms, peer-leading and highly efficient services to promote the development of

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